A downloadable game for Windows

Avoid real obstacles by going through 'fake' obstacles. The 'fake' obstacles will become more transparent than the others as player gets closer. 

Can you get to level 5?

A , D = move left/right

I had no time to implement restart, so to try again when you die, you will need to 'Alt+F4' then restart the game by running the .exe again. 

  • Team Name :
    • xJamZ
  • Game Name
    • Globe Run
  • List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
    • Foliage taken from the WaterMill Environment pack (UE4 Marketplace)
    • Mannequin from UE4 engine base mesh and animations
  • Custom Content made during game jam :
    • Soundtrack
    • Ground Materials
    • Cube meshes
    • All the logic/BPs
  • Link to gameplay footage :


xJamZ_GlobeRun.zip 276 MB

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